From inexpensive managed sites, business cards and online stores, to complex portal solutions based on 6 years of successful work experience
Modernization of business integration of the Virtual PBX, there are no lost calls. Increase customer loyalty.
On all major portals and search engines. Drawing up of a high-quality media plan and conducting effective advertising campaigns of various budgets
Full support package - security, backup settings, content and other work
Creating a stylish image for your project or organization, from a logo to a brand book and a character for marketing campaigns
Development of effective communications in the mobile environment, design and analysis of mobile applications, deployment, promotion and further technical support

Creation of sites for business on a turn-key basis

The correct commercial site is a business tool whose task is to multiply the company's profits. He masterly combines a nice-looking visual, sufficient for the chosen themes functionality, ease of use and support. & Nbsp; Want the right selling site? Entrust his creation to the team "VIPA DESIGN"! For you, we will develop a site of any complexity. 

Our specialization is the creation of sites on on a convenient platform    

Portfolio of projects
Why is it profitable to work with us?
Our company has been successfully operating since 2016
We made our first site in December 2016 for the company Chimney sweep.
History of success of our clients
We consider our work to be fully executed when our client shares with us the success story.
More than 20 successful projects
Each of our work is an individual project and a story, there are more than 20 such stories.
Throughout the life of the work!
We guarantee the work of the created site and solve the arising problems for free
Website creation - from 7 days
We try to make the site or promote it as quickly as possible and help the client to orient and build the right strategy
Low cost
The cost of the site from 1000 USD.
A finely tuned process allows us to do our work quickly and efficiently without inflating budgets
Only legal methods of promotion
We promote projects without the use of cheating and black methods, preferring a long-term effect to a rapid surge followed by the punishment of search engines
One manager
For the whole project is your personal manager
Our manager will always be an accessible terminal and he is always aware of any issues related to the project, his task is to be your representative and solve all problems without shifting them to your shoulders.
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We make websites / с 01.08.2016
We have created more than 20 websites, online stores, business cards, landing pages, corporate websites.
More than 100 people a day apply to us.
We moved to a new bright office in Malinovskiy district, to Kosmonavtov's street. 32.
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